10 Creative Halloween Costumes for Exotics: Birds, Bearded Dragons, and Snakes Edition

costumes for exoticsIt’s that time of year, when the ghouls come out to play and the wee trick or treaters demand sugary treats. Halloween is a favorite holiday for young and old, and most of the family gets into the mix – even our pets. But when it comes to pet costumes, why should dogs and cats get all of the fun?

Exotic pets are becoming much more popular as companion animals, and all of the many benefits that were once extended only to traditional pets are now offered to exotics, such as toys, supplies, treats, and even holiday-themed apparel, including Halloween costumes. Want to dress your cockatoo as a pirate? Or your pet “snek” as a witch? You got it!

At Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital, we have 10 suggestions for the most fashionable (and funny!) costumes for exotics.

10 Great Halloween Costumes for Exotics

  1. Sharks – Sharks are all the rage once again this season (for many animals and people, too), and are an awesome costume for your bearded dragon. Check out a sample shark on Pinterest.
  2. Dragons – If you are the ultimate Game of Thrones fan, and also an admirer of exotics, lizards are a natural for these fire breathers.
  3. Knight – Along with any fiery dragon, your Knight in Shining Armor should appear. (Dragon and Knight would be the perfect duo for two pets!)
  4. Assorted hats – Hats on snakes are obviously the first choice for our slithery friends. Consider a festive top hat, a bonnet, or a beret to add some Halloween charm to your pet charmer.
  5. UnicornsUnicorns are totally trendy and also unusual – just like your one-of-a-kind pet.
  6. Witch – Nothing says Halloween like a witch costume, complete with pointy hat. If you love the traditional, you may also like a ghost, vampire, or zombie costume for your best friend.
  7. Pirate – Your parrot (or other adorable avian) is a shoe-in for this swashbuckling bandit. Or, if that doesn’t work, dress yourself up as a pirate and your pet can be your sidekick parrot. No costume required.
  8. Scottish kilt – Add a little Celtic pride to your exotic pet’s attire. Some even come complete with a miniature bagpipe!
  9. Cowboy – Not only can you dress your pet up as a six-shooting cowpoke, you can also find costumes with a tiny saddle and miniature cowboy for your “horse”. Check out this new “sheriff” in town!
  10. Star Trek – If you are a total trekkie, why not opt for one of the characters, such as this scaled Princess.

No matter what amazing costume you decide upon, keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Choose costumes that are not restrictive or impedes your pet’s ability to breathe
  • Avoid small pieces that can be ingested and cause an obstruction or choking
  • Do not cover your pet’s face
  • If he or she is showing signs of stress or discomfort, remove the costume

If you would like to run your pet ideas by your friends at Ten West, we are happy to help make sure your pet’s costume is safe and appropriate. Please call us.

The night of fright should be a fun event for all, including our exotic pets. Have a wonderful Halloween!