Summer Activities For Pet Owners

A boy playing soccer with his dog.

During the summer, temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees in most parts of the state. This makes it hard to take your usual walks with your dog and catnip-fueled feather string battles with your cat. The team at Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital has compiled a list of fun activities to entertain your pet (and you) in the summer months.

Wet N’ Wild

If your dog enjoys water, they’ll love cooling off in dog-friendly lakes or dog-water parks. You can invite your dog along on your next stand-up-paddle board trip, as some dogs enjoy riding along. If the paddle board seems too adventurous, load your dog (or outdoorsy cat) into a kayak or canoe. Please consider outfitting your pet with a personal floatation device if you are going out on the water for extra safety. If watersports seem to overwhelm them, simply taking your pup splashing along the shore in a lake or reservoir might be more up their alley. 


Your pet might be a perfect companion for your next hike. Make sure the route isn’t too risky for a dog to handle. Look to avoid steep, rocky terrain as it could increase the chance for pet injury. Hikes provide new sights and smells for your dog, which stimulate their brains and increase their socialization. Unless they’ve been trained off-leash, consider keeping them on-leash during this activity, as you never know when you may cross paths with an unruly snake or human. Ensure that you have proper hydration for both you and your pooch and avoid hikes on the hottest days. For the occasional feline hiker, you will want to ensure similar precautions are taken and may want to carry a cat backpack just in case.


Much like it is for humans, camping can be a rite of passage for your pet. With so many new sights and sounds available at a sequestered campsite, your pet will certainly love his new home-away-from-home. Before you pack up the car, be sure to check local laws to ensure pets are allowed at your campsite of choice. 

Fun at Home

If time away is hard for you and your family, perhaps you want to set up some sprinklers or a kiddie-pool for your dogs at home. Creating new and fun experiences doesn’t have to be far away from home; get creative and everyone can have a fun and cool summer.

With any activities outside, be sure to keep your pet well hydrated and provide some shade respite. Please always pack the necessities for your pet while away from home, such as food, water, and emergency items in case of injury. Heat exhaustion is a very real condition that your pet may experience during the summer, so be sure to keep a close eye on them during any outdoor activities. If you think your pet may need medical attention, you’ll need to contact your vet right away. 

Contact us to ensure your pet is summer ready and in the best of health.