Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital offers pet boarding and grooming for dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets, and small exotic companion pets.

Ten West Veterinary Hospital has existed for over 35 years. Its original location was across the freeway, located on the property that is now occupied by Haverty’s Furniture. At that time, it was a rural practice seeing both large and small animals. In fact, when Dr. Powers bought the practice in 1997, there were still a few large animal surgical instruments around.

As the city began to grow, the horse and cattle patients disappeared and Ten West started to cater to our dog and cat patients. The previous owner decided to sell the land and practice separately. Dr. Powers bought the practice and began construction of our current Ten West hospital building. We moved into the new facility in 1998, adding the word bird into our name to allow our clients to know that we do more than dogs and cats: We became Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital.

Our modern facility is designed for our special purposes by a local architect, Steven Kramer, and functions well for the many and diverse services we offer. The late Suzanne Partridge, interior designer extraordinaire, selected all the beautiful wallpapers and wall colors, as well as our countertops and cabinets. Dr. Powers and her husband maintain the landscape using Xeriscape (a method that emphasizes water conservation and uses drought-resistant plants) and organic techniques.

We invite you to get to know us better — meet our veterinarians and professional veterinary staff.