Ways To Treat Pet Allergies

dog and cat itching.

The beauty of spring brings fresh blooms, leaves and flowers and their not-so-lovely additions of pollen, bugs, and allergens. With it all, our pets scratch, itch, and sneeze, just like humans do, and since they are part of the family—and they count on us for care every day—the last thing we want is for them to be uncomfortable. The experts at Ten West Bird & Animal Hospital team are here to help! We gathered up-to-date information to help you understand pet allergies, how to recognize the symptoms, and some of the best ways to find relief for your pet.


Summer Pet Safety in San Antonio & Beyond

Dog outside with stick in mouth.

San Antonio’s is well known for our hot, humid summers. While many of us love the hot temps (and others loathe them), we must remember summer pet safety. By establishing summer pet safety guidelines, you can keep your pets safe from the heat without sacrificing seasonal fun.


Stay Out of the Heat, and Other Tips for Summer Pet Safety

woman and dog playing

The hottest day on record in San Antonio was September 5, 2011. At 111 degrees Fahrenheit, life sort of…stood still. 

While that was some time ago, San Antonio residents are all too familiar with summer heat in excess of 100 degrees, a temperature that feels worse when combined with extreme humidity. We manage, though, because we know how to take extra care of ourselves in the heat. Pets, on the other hand, don’t know when to slow down and rest, which could lead to serious heat-related issues.