Establish Lifelong Health With Puppy and Kitten Wellness Exams

Wellness checks for cats.

It’s easy to assume that young animals, in all their purity and innocence, are perfectly healthy. The reality is that their immune systems are in development, so they are incredibly vulnerable to many different kinds of diseases. Setting up a puppy or kitten for lifelong health starts when you bring them home. The puppy and kitten wellness exams at Ten West Bird & Animal Hospital help owners provide all the necessary health components needed throughout an animal’s life. 


First Impressions: Welcoming a New Pet to Your Household

With any major change that impacts the family, a smooth transition depends on thoughtful conversation and careful introduction. This is true when you bring a new pet into the home. If you adopt a pet, there will be some considerable changes in the household dynamic. Who will be responsible for daily care? What are the ground rules for your new pet? How will you navigate, as a family, behavior challenges? 

If you are bringing a new pet to your household, there are some important things to consider first. The team at Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital is here to explain.


Tread Lightly: Navigating Paw Problems in Pets

Cat Paws

Their eyes may be the windows to their souls, but our pets rely on their feet for a lot, too. From navigating their world to participating in instinctual behaviors to a playful romp, paws are important. In fact, at Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital we see, on a daily basis, how paw problems can plague our pet patients. Recognizing, diagnosing, and treating these problems are an important part of caring for paw health.