Pet Boarding vs. Pet Sitter

boarding kennel for pets.

If we could, we’d take our pets everywhere. Unfortunately, most animals aren’t cut out for a weekend in Las Vegas or a work trip full of seminars. It’s never easy to leave your pet behind, but when you feel you’ve made the right decision for their care, safety and comfort, you can hopefully have some peace of mind. There are pros and cons to nearly every tough decision, and we can help you choose between boarding your pet or hiring a sitter.

Long Before You Go

The best way to approach this situation is to conduct a search long before you absolutely have to leave town. Give yourself plenty of time to schedule interviews, tours, call references, and prepare your pet (the most important step of all). 

A great place to start is by asking friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, and even strangers at the dog park who they hire when they leave town. Word of mouth and online testimonials really help owners know what to look for.

Stay at Home

There are many experienced, credentialed, responsible, and expert pet sitters out there. You can look for someone to come and stay inside your own home (maximizing your pet’s safety and comfort), and hire them to keep an eye on the garden, mail, or other items in/around the property. Plus, your pet has all their stuff there, and despite missing you, they’ll be safe and sound without any disruption to their routine.

Another great option could be to bring your pet to the sitter’s home. They may have one or more pets they’re watching at a time, so if your pet is a highly social one, this could be a great opportunity for them (or not).

When Boarding Makes Sense

There are standalone boarding facilities that simply feed, exercise, and clean up waste as stipulated in the intake paperwork. If your pet is healthy, socialized, and experienced with this environment, boarding your pet may be a terrific choice for a short time. 

Veterinary Pet Boarding

To achieve the maximum peace of mind,we recommend veterinary boarding for these reasons:

  • A high standard for preventive care is established and maintained for all pets. This means that all guests are vaccinated, up to date on parasite prevention, and free of contagious disease.
  • For a pet with a medical condition or needs daily medication, veterinary boarding can safely and effectively manage this.
  • If health problems occur during a pet’s stay, we can examine and treat them without delay. 
  • Veterinary professionals love animals and are often found interacting with our boarding guests. A high level of engagement is the priority for pets staying with us. 
  • Add-on services like your pet’s routine wellness exam, grooming appointments, nail trims, and dental cleanings can all be scheduled while your pet is a guest. 
  • Whether furry, fluffy, scaled, or feathered, we welcome all pets to stay as our guests. 

If you need help making this important decision, give us a call at (210) 696-1700. Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital looks forward to hosting your pet soon!