Swimming Pool Safety for Pets

Welsh corgi swimming in the swimming pool.

It’s time to dive head-first into summer fun, and if your plans include lazy days by a swimming pool with your pet, you’ve come to the right place!

At Ten West Bird & Animal Hospital, we want you to fully enjoy the summer season with your pets by your side, so we’ve put together some swimming pool safety tips to protect your furry friends around the swimming pool this summer.

Dogs are Naturally Good Swimmers, Right?

You might be tempted to assume that all dogs are good swimmers, after all, they have a swimming technique named for them! But not so fast. Both dogs and cats do have instinctive swimming know-how, but some factors put certain pets at higher risk of drowning, including:

  • Persian cats and dog breeds with flat noses have a difficult time breathing due to their shortened airways. 
  • Senior pets with arthritis or weak muscles could tire out quickly.
  • Kittens and puppies may lack the endurance and coordination to stay afloat.
  • Pets with medical problems such as vision impairment, arthritis, or seizure disorders are at an increased risk of drowning.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips to Protect Your Pet From Drowning 

Protect your pets around swimming pools this summer using these tips:

  • If your pet is due for a checkup, schedule one as soon as possible. We can screen your pet for health conditions that could make swimming difficult or dangerous for your pet.
  • Install a safety fence and use a pool alarm to alert you if something falls into your pool.
  • Purchase a pet flotation vest and make sure it fits your pet properly.
  • Learn pet CPR
  • Show your pet where the stairs or ramp are located and train your pet to use these features to exit the pool.
  • Never leave your pet alone near a swimming pool.
  • Watch your pet the way you would your child, even when you’re right there.

Protecting Your Pets in and Out of the Pool

While drowning is certainly the main concern when pets are near water, there are other summer pet safety precautions worth taking to safeguard your pet’s health when swimming.

  • Make sure your pet has fresh drinking water so they aren’t tempted to drink pool water. 
  • Check the surface temperature of the pool deck, and put booties on your pet’s paws if necessary.
  • Apply sunscreen to your pet’s exposed areas, especially the face.
  • Keep swimming pool chemicals out of reach of pets.
  • Shower off your pet to remove pool chemicals from their fur.
  • Make sure your pet always has access to a cool, shady spot.

Now It’s Time for Fun in the Sun!

With a few extra precautions, you and your pets can enjoy long, leisurely days poolside. Please contact us if we can answer more questions about pets and swimming pool safety or if it’s time for your pet’s wellness visit. We look forward to seeing you and your pets soon!