Pet Grooming Services for Health and Comfort

Grooming Photo

Your pet’s skin and coat are not just for looks — they help protect the animal. A skin or coat condition is an early indicator of certain health concerns. Regular brushing with skin and coat maintenance keep your pet comfortable during any season and help cement a close relationship with your pet.

There are times, however, when basic home care is not enough. Skin conditions or allergies may require special therapeutic treatments. There are times when owners need extra help in removing mats or tangles or need their animals clipped. Or your pet may have rolled in something odiferous or had a run-in with a skunk — never an enjoyable experience. You may need special help to restore your pet to freshness.

Professional grooming at regular intervals will keep your dog’s coat and skin in good condition and prevent many problems. Even hairless breeds require some grooming for healthy skin. We offer both routine and therapeutic bathing services, as well as de-matting and simple clips.

Establish a grooming schedule early on, incorporating both home grooming and professional care, and stick to it throughout the life of your pet. Pamper your pet — contact us at (210) 696-1700 to schedule your next grooming session.