Pet Grooming Services

Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital offers pet grooming services for dogs and cats in San Antonio. Proper skin and coat care is an important component of your pet’s health care routine. For best results, we encourage you to begin your pet’s grooming regimen at an early age.

Pet Baths

Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital offers pet bathing services for dogs and cats. We have an assortment of shampoos and conditioners to accommodate your preferences. For your cat’s safety and comfort, a mild sedative may be needed. Our pet bathing service includes:

  • Pet baths for dogs and cats
  • Ear cleanings
  • Nail trims
  • Anal glands

Pet Grooming

Proper grooming at regular intervals will keep your dog’s coat and skin in good condition and prevent many problems. Even hairless breeds require some grooming for healthy skin. We offer the following grooming services:

  • Shaves
  • Lion cuts for cats
  • Sani trims
  • De-matting

Grooming Appointments

All of our bathing and grooming services require an appointment. A quick phone call will secure your reservation, and we will work to find a time that fits best with your schedule.

Current Vaccinations and Intestinal Parasite Check Required

Before we can begin your pet’s bathing or grooming session, all of your pet’s vaccinations must be current. We also require a negative intestinal parasite test. We are happy to coordinate with our veterinary team to bring your pet’s vaccinations and intestinal parasite testing into compliance.

Pamper your pet with our bathing and grooming services. Contact us at (210) 696-1700 to schedule your next grooming session.