Stay at Home Pet? Board With a Vet!

Board with a vet when traveling without your pet!Most of us dread trips that take us away from our animal companions. Why can’t we always take them with us everywhere? Unfortunately, however, there are some travel needs that simply aren’t accommodating to our furred, feathered, or scaled friends.

Luckily, you don’t have to fret about leaving your companion behind. With a bit of planning and careful consideration of their needs, they can also enjoy a vacay of their own! Just don’t be lured by a cheap pet resort or a quick request to your aunt (who doesn’t even like pets that much!). Instead, board with a vet and put your worries to rest.  

5 Good Reasons to Board With a Vet

  1. Receive full service medical attention. Even if your pet is in tip-top shape, boarding your pet with a quality animal hospital provides added assurance if any health problems arise. In most cases, issues like medication and special medical needs can be addressed with skill, compassion, and knowledge. Since lodging is adjoined to a clinic, everything your pet may need for their health is right there on site.
  2. We pay close attention to vaccinations and parasite prevention. Unfortunately, far too many pet resorts and kennels are lax about checking for vaccines, other than the core ones like rabies, canine parvovirus, and distemper (and sometimes not at all!). Veterinary clinics are well aware of the risks posed by unvaccinated pets and those who could be carriers of parasitic diseases. Stopping the spread of contagious diseases and keeping pets safe are paramount to any quality animal hospital.
  3. The staff are experienced. At a veterinary clinic, the attention your pet gets from the staff goes well beyond snuggles (although we give lots of those, too!). Most veterinary boarding facilities include the oversight and knowledge of veterinary assistants, technicians, and the veterinarians themselves to ensure all aspects of your pet’s health and happiness.
  4. Many offer added services during your pet’s stay. Top-rated veterinary boarding facilities usually offer more than just a place for your pet to lodge. We can even schedule your pet’s regular wellness exam to take place during their stay.
  5. Exotics and pets with special needs can be accommodated. For those pet owners whose pets are nontraditional, like birds, reptiles, and pocket pets, it can be extremely challenging to find a boarding solution that accommodates the needs of these special animals. A veterinary practice with a focus on exotic animals is well equipped to handle these fragile friends and provide peace of mind to those who love them. This is also true for pets with special needs or those recovering from injury or illness.

Have you been worrying about where to lodge your pet while you’re away? Do you have a pet with unique needs that only a quality veterinary clinic can handle? Maybe you just want the added benefit of knowing your pet’s health is the top priority? Look no further than the team at Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital.

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