What’s the Key to Cat Health and Happiness? A Catio, of Course!

catioIs your cat the kind of feline who takes lounging around the house to a whole different level? Is he or she profoundly interested in all the birds, flowers, and bugs offered up by Mother Nature? You can tell the difference between these two types fairly quickly…and if you hear a crackling sound made by your cat’s mouth at the sign of a bird or squirrel, you’re the proud owner of a cat who would love to be outside.

An integral component of cat health is environmental enrichment. Many cat owners solve this by allowing their cats outside, but that presents its own risks. So, are you ready to build a catio?


Parvo in Dogs: Nothing to Bark At

parvoHaving a sick dog is on no one’s to-do list. Even lower on the list, though, is having a pet who is sick with a disease that is very preventable.

Parvovirus is a serious canine illness that can be deadly. It is also a disease that is almost entirely preventable with vaccination. We are seeing a rash of cases lately here at Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital, so we thought it might be a good time to revisit parvo in dogs and what pet owners can do to protect their canine companions.


Everyone Wins With Summer Pet Safety

San Antonio’s average summer heat index ranks in the top 10 hottest U.S. cities, but we can handle it! In fact, we’re known to embrace (or at least happily tolerate) our sweltering conditions, but what about the pets we share our lives with? Here are the top summer pet safety tips to beat the Texas heat.

They may be just as tough as we are – until they’re not. Undoubtedly, heat exhaustion and heatstroke are very real threats to summer pet safety. Reduce risks to your pet with our tips that aim to keep your pet cool and comfortable this summer and all year long.