10 Creative Halloween Costumes for Exotics: Birds, Bearded Dragons, and Snakes Edition

costumes for exoticsIt’s that time of year, when the ghouls come out to play and the wee trick or treaters demand sugary treats. Halloween is a favorite holiday for young and old, and most of the family gets into the mix – even our pets. But when it comes to pet costumes, why should dogs and cats get all of the fun?

Exotic pets are becoming much more popular as companion animals, and all of the many benefits that were once extended only to traditional pets are now offered to exotics, such as toys, supplies, treats, and even holiday-themed apparel, including Halloween costumes. Want to dress your cockatoo as a pirate? Or your pet “snek” as a witch? You got it!

At Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital, we have 10 suggestions for the most fashionable (and funny!) costumes for exotics.


It’s A Touchdown: The Wide World Of Football And Pet Charities

pet charitiesSeptember has arrived, and if you’re like 64% of Americans (and probably way more than that  in Texas!) this is the month you’ve been waiting for all year: the start of football season.

Besides the incredible athleticism and the fun (and, admittedly, stress) of competition, part of the irresistible draw of football is the players themselves and all the associated drama and legal mishaps. Although it can be easy and, let’s face it, a little bit fun to gossip and even judge them from time to time, your friends at Ten West have a different take on the subject.

As you prepare to hunker down with friends and family, surrounded by delicious food and cold beverages, we invite you to turn your thoughts away from the various wrongdoings of professional athletes and pay homage instead to the ones who go above and beyond to make the world a better place.

Football and pet charities may not seem like they go hand-in-hand, but it’s becoming increasingly common for players to take a special interest in needy pets, and to use their considerable influence to help the cause.


What’s the Key to Cat Health and Happiness? A Catio, of Course!

catioIs your cat the kind of feline who takes lounging around the house to a whole different level? Is he or she profoundly interested in all the birds, flowers, and bugs offered up by Mother Nature? You can tell the difference between these two types fairly quickly…and if you hear a crackling sound made by your cat’s mouth at the sign of a bird or squirrel, you’re the proud owner of a cat who would love to be outside.

An integral component of cat health is environmental enrichment. Many cat owners solve this by allowing their cats outside, but that presents its own risks. So, are you ready to build a catio?