Husbandry Care for Birds

kid with pet bird.

Are you bringing home a feathered friend for the first time? You’re in for a treat! The bond between a bird and its pet parent can be one of the strongest in the world of pet parenting. But providing appropriate husbandry care for birds takes some effort. If you’ve never cared for a domesticated bird before, learning avian husbandry care is key. The team at 10 West Bird & Animal Hospital would like to share the basics of setting your bird up with a perfect home environment. 


Ways To Treat Pet Allergies

dog and cat itching.

The beauty of spring brings fresh blooms, leaves and flowers and their not-so-lovely additions of pollen, bugs, and allergens. With it all, our pets scratch, itch, and sneeze, just like humans do, and since they are part of the family—and they count on us for care every day—the last thing we want is for them to be uncomfortable. The experts at Ten West Bird & Animal Hospital team are here to help! We gathered up-to-date information to help you understand pet allergies, how to recognize the symptoms, and some of the best ways to find relief for your pet.


Sign of an Ailing Avian: Is My Bird Sick?

sick bird being checked at vet.

Bird ownership is an adventure all its own. From choosing the right species to understanding the unique needs of our feathered friends, Ten West Bird & Animal Hospital is here to guide you on your journey. One of the most common problems that bird owners have is recognizing a sick bird. Catching an ailing avian early, though, is the key to helping them get better quickly. Learn how to tell if your pet bird is sick.