Establish Lifelong Health With Puppy and Kitten Wellness Exams

Wellness checks for cats.

It’s easy to assume that young animals, in all their purity and innocence, are perfectly healthy. The reality is that their immune systems are in development, so they are incredibly vulnerable to many different kinds of diseases. Setting up a puppy or kitten for lifelong health starts when you bring them home. The puppy and kitten wellness exams at Ten West Bird & Animal Hospital help owners provide all the necessary health components needed throughout an animal’s life. 

A Great Beginning

The first task on a new pet owner’s to-do list (after bringing home all the necessary supplies and food) is to schedule a wellness exam. Upon seeing a young puppy or kitten for the very first time, our veterinarians inspect their physical condition for any abnormalities.  

Testing the blood can reveal any issues that require immediate treatment. Puppies should be screened for heartworm disease by the age of one (at the latest). It is also essential to test kittens for feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). 

Fecal testing can also provide information about intestinal parasites common in young animals, and often leads to effective and timely treatment.

Two-Way Street

Open communication between vets and pet owners is vital to supporting puppy and kitten wellness. We provide information for owners to make the best decisions for their pet’s health, including deworming, spay/neuter surgery, microchip, dental care, parasite prevention, house training, and vaccinations. 

Nutritional counseling is a huge priority from an early age. You’ll need to adjust portions and food ingredients as they grow and age, and we’re here to help ensure that your puppy or kitten enjoys a healthy diet. With rising rates of obesity and the related conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, it is vital to form healthy eating habits. 

Customized Care

Because every pet is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to veterinary care. However, we will help you discover the best products and methods to support lifelong health, and maximize a pet’s quality of life. 

Increased Frequency

Starting between 6-8 weeks of age, puppies and kittens should be seen every 3-4 weeks in order to establish and complete their schedule of core vaccinations. Until a puppy or kitten is fully vaccinated (typically around 16 weeks old), public places aren’t considered safe. 

Seeing them with increased frequency during these early months allows for greater insight into their development and behavior. 

Puppy and Kitten Wellness

We want to make sure that your new puppy or kitten is fit and healthy. This not only helps set them up for a long life of excellent health, but reduces any problems they could bring to your household, potentially spreading illness to resident pets and people alike. 

The opportunity to screen for problems like parasites, heart murmurs, dental issues and more can have an enormous impact on life expectancy and lifelong health. 

Puppy and kitten wellness exams provide the chance to bolster their immune systems, establish healthy eating and exercise routines, and launch sustainable, lifelong healthy habits. While you can’t prevent all pet emergencies, you can definitely influence a pet’s health and reduce chronic conditions that may require emergency care. 

Start Today

If you have questions about our puppy and kitten wellness exams, please call us at (210) 696-1700. Our doctors and staff members are always here to help!