How Can I Keep My Pet Healthy?

A man running with his dog in the forest.

From lizards and rats to dogs and cats, all pets deserve to live healthy, happy lives with their human companions. Your pet relies on you each and every day to provide what she needs to feel her best, so our experts at Ten West Bird & Animal Hospital have compiled some basic principles of pet care to help you on your pet parenting journey!

Prevention Really is the Best Medicine

Annual wellness exams give us the best opportunity to spot hidden warning signs of diseases. Early intervention can lead to better outcomes and spare your pet undue discomfort. Additionally, these visits give us a chance to discuss spaying and neutering, parasite prevention, and vaccines. We may also recommend yearly dental examinations for cats, dogs, and certain pocket pets

Quality Pet Nutrition is Essential

A well-balanced pet diet is essential for overall wellness, so we’re always happy to recommend a cat diet, dog diet, or nutritious diet for the bird or exotic pet in your life. Therapeutic diets are sometimes necessary for senior pets and those with medical concerns. Plus, with the right diet, your pet can maintain a healthy weight and avoid obesity-related conditions like diabetes. Feel free to indulge your pet’s desire for treats, but these shouldn’t comprise any more than 10 percent of her daily calories. 

Keep Your Pet Moving

Exercise and enrichment activities are vital for the physical and mental health of every animal, so walk, play, create an obstacle course, or play hide-and-seek with treats to keep your pet stimulated and on the move! 

Prioritize Safety

Keep your home (and your pet’s cage or habitat if applicable) free of safety hazards, and always keep toxic substances out of reach of pets. Remember, things that are safe for you, such as vitamins or chocolate, can be poisonous to pets. Also consider having your pet microchipped to improve your chances of being reunited with a lost or stolen pet.

Grooming Matters

Grooming isn’t just about good looks—it’s an essential aspect of pet care! Regular grooming helps keep your pet’s eyes, ears, and fur clean, plus grooming can help you (or your professional groomer) spot skin problems or unusual lumps or bumps. Keeping nails trimmed can also keep your pet from getting her toe caught in the carpet.

Provide Plenty of TLC

Ultimately, what your pet probably appreciates the most is unlimited cuddles, scritches, and belly rubs! So, shower her with affection as often as you can. The positive interactions your pet has with you actually have immune-boosting benefits!  
We absolutely love meeting and treating your playful pets, and we’re here for you anytime you have questions. Contact us at (210) 696-1700 for more tips about taking care of your pet.