Celebrating the Season with Holiday Pet Treats

The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, but along with all of the gatherings comes all of the food. Most of our traditional holiday fare is not healthy for our pets, and sometimes can even be toxic to them. So does your pet have to completely forgo the treats this festive season? Not at all!

Your team at Ten West Bird & Animal Hospital has some surprisingly delicious and pet-friendly holiday pet treats that are sure to please your best friend.

Holiday Pet Treats for Canines

What dog doesn’t love the added yumminess that accompanies the holiday season? While there are many things you can’t treat your pet to (bones, turkey skin, scraps, etc.), you can whip up a batch of these favorite holiday treats:

Delicious Feline Fare

While our cat friends aren’t quite as keen on raiding the holiday leftovers, they deserve a treat or two of their own. Here are a few amazing gourmet snacks you can make for your purrfectly adorable companion:

Treats for Your Exotic Pet

We didn’t forget about your nontraditional sweetie. Pocket pets and exotics also love the seasonal goodies that are healthy and tasty for your small pet:

More About Holiday Pet Treats

While most of our holiday fare should be off the table for our pet pals, you can ensure a wonderful holiday season for them with these nutritious recipes. If you would like more information about nutrition and your pet, as well as good suggestions for holiday pet treats, please give us a call!

Bon appetit!