Show Your Love: Opt-Out of Giving a Pet as a Gift

Sad dog in Santa hat.

Who wouldn’t be charmed by a puppy or kitten popping out of a holiday gift box complete with a bright red bow on top? From cartoons to commercials, this holiday trope seems as old as time. And while pet adoptions that start this way can work out terrifically, giving a pet as a gift to someone else, sadly, doesn’t always have wonderful results. The good news is that you can contribute in other ways to the overall health and happiness of everyone involved. 


Helping My Pet Avoid Diabetes: What You Can Do

Dog at vet check-up.

Diabetes is a disease that affects many animals. Both cats and dogs can develop it, and it can be a very serious problem for both. At Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital, it is our goal to keep our pet patients as healthy as possible. While sometimes diabetes in animals happens despite prevention measures, being a proactive pet owner can go a long way to avoiding it in many cases.


Why the Pet Wellness Check Is So Important

Pet wellness check.

You do lots of things for your beloved pet. You may spend hours playing fetch, splurging on a grooming session for them rather than getting your hair done, or pouring over research about the best food to feed. Ten West Bird & Animal Hospital has an extra care tip for you: bringing your pet in for their wellness check may be the most important thing that you can do for them.