Helping My Pet Avoid Diabetes: What You Can Do

Dog at vet check-up.

Diabetes is a disease that affects many animals. Both cats and dogs can develop it, and it can be a very serious problem for both. At Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital, it is our goal to keep our pet patients as healthy as possible. While sometimes diabetes in animals happens despite prevention measures, being a proactive pet owner can go a long way to avoiding it in many cases.


How to Tell If Your Cat Is Sick

Sick Cat

Despite being one of America’s most beloved pets, cats receive less veterinary care. This can be explained by the general fear and loathing of travel kennels and car trips. However, perhaps more to the point is the fact that cats appear to be fine even when they’re not. Cats mask symptoms, something not hard to do considering the signs that a cat is sick can be extremely subtle. As a result, cat owners should know what to look for and when to seek help.


What is a Veterinary Internist? How Can They Help Your Pet?

A veterinary internist keeps pets healthy and happyAt Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on providing the latest in diagnostics and treatment, as well as having a keen focus on personalized preventive care. Veterinary medicine is a rapidly growing field that encompasses new technologies and advancements that greatly improve the health and longevity of our precious pets.

While much of our work is focused on the preventive side of things, like annual exams and vaccinations, specialists are sometimes required for complex diseases. This is where a veterinary internist shines. Keep reading to learn more about why internal medicine is so important to your pet’s long term well-being.

Internal Medicine for Small Animals

You may be familiar with the term “internal medicine,” but what does it really mean? The study of internal medicine looks at the complex processes of diagnosing and managing diseases that affect the internal systems and organs.   Continue…