What is a Veterinary Internist? How Can They Help Your Pet?

A veterinary internist keeps pets healthy and happyAt Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on providing the latest in diagnostics and treatment, as well as having a keen focus on personalized preventive care. Veterinary medicine is a rapidly growing field that encompasses new technologies and advancements that greatly improve the health and longevity of our precious pets.

While much of our work is focused on the preventive side of things, like annual exams and vaccinations, specialists are sometimes required for complex diseases. This is where a veterinary internist shines. Keep reading to learn more about why internal medicine is so important to your pet’s long term well-being.

Internal Medicine for Small Animals

You may be familiar with the term “internal medicine,” but what does it really mean? The study of internal medicine looks at the complex processes of diagnosing and managing diseases that affect the internal systems and organs.   Continue…

Healthy Pet Exams: Vet Visits Aren’t Just for Sick Patients

Beagle at the veterinarianBack in the days of James Herriot, you brought your pet to the veterinarian when he or she was sick. However, as is the case with many things in our lives, times are changing in the world of veterinary medicine.

You might wonder why you should bring your pet to visit us at  Ten West if there isn’t an obvious problem. Well, keep reading to learn why healthy pet exams are important for all creatures, great and small. Continue…

No Bones About It: Musculoskeletal Health for Pets is Important

TenWest_iStock_000060704362_LargeYour pet’s body is important nose to tail, but his or her musculoskeletal system is a vital component when it comes to day to day quality of life. As such, it is important to properly care for and monitor your pet’s musculoskeletal health to ensure a long, happy life.

Ten West Bird and Animal Hospital is dedicated to your pet’s health and we know how important the musculoskeletal system can be. Read on to learn how we are helping our pet patients get around more comfortably than even before.

Prevention of Musculoskeletal Problems in Pets

As with most things, the best cure is prevention; and there are certainly things that pet owners can do to help maintain their animal’s overall musculoskeletal health and to stave off problems. Continue…